About Us

KLE Society’s noble mission of education has established itself into a chain of educational institutions across Karnataka and Maharashtra. Under its wing an addition has been made under the name KLE The Banyan, located at Rajajaingar, Bengaluru and it is the second unit exclusively built for Pre-School, Lower and Upper kindergarten. The Banyan is a well established school exclusively equipped with the state of the Art facilities. It has a well-furnished equipment suitable to the children between the age groups of 1.8 – 4.8 years and above. We have well maintained splash pool, technically equipped classroom, healthy and nutritious food and ample play area facilities. The classrooms are decorated with vibrant colours. The teachers are well – trained with the self – designed curriculum.
We at KLE The Banyan value collaboration, creativity, curiosity, diversity and integrity. We provide a caring, engaging and respectful environment and strive towards excellence and are committed to preparing the next generations of leaders for our ever – changing world.

KLE Vision and Mission

KLE The Banyan Vision and Mission


  • Banyan holds the vision to support and nurture young minds with their own natural way of learning.
  • We are committed to children who feel loved, respected is encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.
  • KLE The Banyan, empowers the child to acquire, demonstrate articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as lifelong learns.
  • The school assists the child to participate and contribute to the global world.


  • To promote holistic high-quality preschool education and child care in a safe hygienic, respectful and inclusive environment that builds the foundation for lifelong learning.
  • To provide a meaningful child-centred play-based curriculum that builds life skills, independence, confidence, resilience to support each child in achieving their potential and to make a smooth transition from school to society.

Objectives of the School

  • Nurturing the young minds to spearhead a dynamic future.
  • Ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities.
  • Thrive in all areas of child development, creative thinking, curious investigation, and decision making.
  • Healthy, nutritious food and ample play area facilities.
  • To provide a caring, engaging and respectful environment.
  • Strive towards excellence in Education
  • To Preparing the next generations of leaders for our ever–changing world.
  • To become a leading preschool ranked globally.
  • To become as renowned for Pre-school education and enhance the teacher knowledge through the workshop.
  • Earn the recognition among the class of the people who seek admissions at our school.
  • Establish a track record as a creator of new and innovative technologies and teaching methodology.
  • To transform the generation, next students, into a higher knowledge team globally.
  • To create innovative and technologically oriented thoughts into the minds of the teacher community.
  • To build KLE The Banyan to its full capacity and create a world-class school environment reachable to all classes of the society.
  • Provide an invigorating work environment for faculty and staff, where merit and hard work are recognized and rewarded.
  • Be a model school campus in terms of sustainability, usage of energy, and water.
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