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Front Desk

Front desk offers all support to the parents regarding various inquiries related to school facilities and other information. The front desk offers all support to the parents regarding various enquiries related to school facilities and other information. The front desk operates during the school working hours.

front office


The school consists of three floors exclusively meant for classrooms. Each of the classrooms is well decorated with colorful and self-explanatory thematic paintings. The internal arrangement of every classroom consists of colorful and geometrical-shaped tables where the children can work and share together their learnings. The caterpillar classrooms consist of an inbuilt customized washroom which will be helpful to their age and reachability. Every classroom is fitted with CCTV and a smartboard for giving a technically equipped appearance.

Library: Fun with reading

The Banyan is a well-defined space that consists of a soft floor filled with colorful and informative books with can be handled by children of all levels independently. The library creates a high-quality early childhood learning experience that enriches language and vocabulary development. The homely set up in the library like carpet, pillows invite the students to spend quality time in a comfortable manner. The books are arranged in such a way, where a child of any height can pick up the book of his/her choice. The books are categorized according to the theme, color, subject and academic needs. The guidance from the teachers helps the children to make use of the facilities of the library.

Activity Room

A soft floored activity room is situated in its first floor of the school building. It is one of the most attractive places for the children. Here various gross motor skills are developed using the best quality toys to be used by children of all levels. The smart board inside the room is used for narrating stories and other knowledge based learning.

Yoga Room

Yoga room is also called ‘baby yoga room’ which is in the second floor of the school. The room consist of a soft floor which helps children to perform simple yoga under the guidance of their teachers. The uniquely designed room helps the children to accommodate themselves in the practice of yoga. Yoga is one of the essential skills which helps children to develop proper posture, concentration, flexibility, body balance, gross motor skills, and social skills.

Splash Pool

The centre of attraction of our school is splash pool which in the fourth floor. The pool is maintained hygienically filled with non-chlorine fresh water after every usage. There is a close watch from the teachers when children are inside the pool. Children are given a warm water bath after they complete playing inside the pool.

Dining Hall & Kitchen

A well furnished state of the art dining and kitchen is located in a highly ventilated basement area of the school. The dining space is painted with colourful paintings related to health and food. The chairs and the tables are designed suiting to the children belonging to different age groups. Plastic free kitchen items are used for dining. The kitchen area is hygienically maintained and the equipment used are of high quality ones. The food is freshly cooked regularly three times a day by professional cooks. The menu is a well planned nutritious food under the strict guidance of a professional dietician. The food is served at stipulated intervals for all children of the school.

Play area

A sand-filled area, for children to play with freedom and have fun. The play equipment is fixed taking the highest precautionary measures for children to play under the guidance of teachers.

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